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Pyramids of Conscience
© Agnes Denes 2005
Pyramids of Conscience

There are four new pyramids to be added to the Pyramid Series 1967-2005, The Pyramids of Conscience, 2005.

The Pyramids of Conscience touches on the immediate issues of clean water, survival, politics, human weaknesses and needs. They refer to the global problem we must soon face with the life-giving substance of water and the politics that surrounds it.

They are presently in the exhibition Treading Water, in Marfa, Texas, dealing with the privatization of water and things to come.

One of the pyramids is filled with crystal clear water, the other with polluted water from the Rio Grande. Another is filled with crude oil, the common denominator. The final pyramid is a mirror in which you see yourself reflected, whatever you do, feel, fight against, or agree to. It reflects the drama of it all.

They are four sided pyramids on pedestals, ten feet tall, made like giant fish tanks and when filled weigh 1.5 tons each.

© 2005 Agnes Denes