Agnes Denes
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North Waterfront Park, Berkeley, CA 1988-1991
© 1991 Agnes Denes

North Waterfront Park Masterplan, Berkeley, California,1988-91. Site plan and art concept. A conceptual masterplan was developed for the conversion of a 97-acre muncipal landfill, surrounded by water on three sides in the San Francsico Bay, into an oasis for people and nature. The first landfill to propose bioremediation programs and a 12-acre wetland/wildlife sanctuary in addition to 17 art elements, including a wildflower meadow, a sunflower field, wooded hills, petrogplyhs carved into earth and stone, an amphitheater with stone terraces, tidal pools with sculptural forms and water catchments. Two lighthouses were designed, one to burn off methane produced by the landfill, the other to collect sunlight to be emitted at night. The design restores an obsolete site, an island of garbage, into a rich environment, preserving wildlife and creating a site where nature can be experienced and enjoyed by the community. Developed with R. Haag and J. Roberts landscape architects. The masterplan was adopted by the City of Berkeley in l99l but not realized. The site was designated as a dog run instead.