Agnes Denes
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A well-known important excavation from the ancient city known as Genoa of the Liguria Province, country Italy, European continent, late twentieth century. A major and unique find, extremely well preserved and restored to near original condition. The inscriptions have been deciphered and appear in translation below bearing the date 1986 A.D.

By studying the meaning of the symbols one arrives at a better understanding of the people who lived toward the end of the second millenium, a fairly advanced technological age in which major scientific discoveries were made that, as we know, had an enormous effect on later centuries. A significant aspect of these tablets is that they include practically all major scientific breakthroughs for this period. It is appropriate to note here that the very site of this exhibit was a church and monestary at the time, named Santa Maria di Castello, which had been built in an even earlier period, perhaps the thirteenth century.

Vandonia 6000 A.D.

1a.b.     Energy and mass in Special Relativity
2. Field equation in General Relativity
3. Priniciple of Least Action (basis of Classical mechanics)
4a. Expansion of the universe (the Hubble Law)
4b. The ultimate fate of the universe determined by O, the density parameter
5. Energy of photon - the particle-like behavior of waves
6. Fusion of hydrogen into helium (sun's source of energy-hydrogen burning into helium)
7. Photosynthesis - plants storing energy
8. The base of DNA and RNA as it encodes genetic information in chromosomes
9. Maxwell's equation for electromagnetism
10. Nuclear fission reaction in bombs and power plants
11. Thermonuclear fusion in an H-bomb
12a. Schr´┐Żdinger's wave equation, quantum mechanics - showing wave nature of matter
12b. Uncertainty Principle (uncertainty built into quantum mechanics [Heisenberg])
13a.c.d. Circuit diagram, symbol and truth table of NAND gate - basic building block of computers
13b. Particle interactions in quantum field theory (Feynman diagram)
14. Quantum mechanics to describe the first moment of the universe.